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I've improved a lot since I first joined.




I'd love to run a roleplay group but I don't have the ideas or time to maintain it.
It is incredibly boring and torturous to go back through seven full pages of art to change part of the titles so it says "[OLD]" on it so people know that I don't suck at art anymore.
I've said a fair share of stupid things. by Velvet-Clawss
I've said a fair share of stupid things.
Most often I stay level headed as they say I'm on the ball.
Sometimes my mind wanders and I don't know where he'll end up at all.
Then I feel like a pet store parrot ever spouting words.
And when I've had a few too many I get quite excited.
I start talking very loudly and this is when.

I've said a fair share of stupid things that I can't hide.
My wonderful friends just roll their eyes, stay by my side.

I might start talking about politics with which you disagree.
I might try to be subtle mocking what you hold in high esteem.
When I'm not in my right mind I like attention all on me.
Sometimes I get obnoxious, my ego gets the best of me.

Sometimes I even realize that I might risk physical harm.
That's when you glare into my eyes and clench your teeth and squeeze my arm.
Then I feel like a pet store parrot ever spouting words.
And when i've had a few too many I get quite excited.
I start talking very loudly and this is when...

I've said a fair share of stupid things that I can't hide.
My wonderful friends just roll their eyes, stay by my side.

I've said a fair share of stupid things that I can't hide.
My wonderful friends just roll their eyes, stay by my side.

I know I'm annoying, or at least I was. I hope i don't bother you anymore. I wish I could make it up to you but I feel like I never can. 

I went for a kid's crayon type look with the brush texture. Lyrics are from Parrot by stepdad
Space Garden Application by Velvet-Clawss
Space Garden Application
I've decided to finally apply to join Space-Garden since I've loved it and it's the first thing I'd been obsessed with since I first got onto deviantart. 

Name: Roderick James Morgan
Nicknames: Rod, Rodney
Age: 23 human years
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
S/O: Pansexual
Species: Korppivika (kore-pih-vee-kah)
Home Planet: Maji (Mah-hee)
Class: Agriculture
Rank: Farmer
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 120 lbs
Length: 5'9"
Width: 4'8"

Species: Korppivika are a friendly, good-natured species and can come in many shapes and forms. They are all grey but can have blue, green, indigo, or purple tints to their feathers. They are covered with some material that both resembles feathers and fur, and cover the entire body. They have webbed toes and birdlike hands. Each korppivika has a tail that is used to assist in killing prey or to mash up food for young ones. However, some Korppivika are born with a rare deformity that leaves them without a mouth on their tail, or a different shaped tail, or even no tail. This is a fairly common birth defect among the species and can even be hereditary. They are fairly advanced, but the most impressive buildings are no skyscrapers, but rather small factories used to make clothes. They do not use cars, but bicycle, walk, or row in boats to travel to their destinations.

Homeworld: Maji is a planet perfect for sustainable life. There are two large polar ice caps that stay relatively the same size all year round. The entire planet is relatively cool, though the four continents hold many tropical areas. The oceans are very deep and contain many different species of wildlife. There is a large set of islands the dominant species, Korppivika, refer to as the Isles. These islands hold various unique biomes and with it, very different species of animals. Some even harbor separate cultures of native korppivika.

Backstory: Roderick was born into the planet of Maji. He belonged to a family of farmers in a small town in the tropic forests of Maji. He has been familiar with different plants and animals since he was a child. However, being born into a poor family, he had always wanted to raise money to support his family. Roderick worked on the fields day in and day out, selling his crops to try and care for his family. One day, however, a stray piece of paper flew across his feet. Roderick picked it up. He squinted his eyes. " Huh." He went home to his family one night and explained that he wanted to join this crew. He'd hoped to be able to make a living and send things back to his family. Roderick worked for five years to come up with enough money to afford a spot on Teklin 'Enta, and have enough for his family to get by for a few months. His sister had grown ill and needed medicine, and Roderick hoped he'd left enough money for his family to buy the medication she needed. 

Personality: Roderick is a bit dense and gullible. Having never been to the city, and raised in a quiet town, he doesn't know much about technology or social lingo. You could get him to fall for just about anything. Roderick also has a fascination for advanced technology because he hasn't been exposed to much. 
Rod tends to be particularly dense when he is the person of romantic interest. He'd never be able to tell someone had a crush on him unless someone else said something. Though he may never be able to tell when someone's flirting with him, and he's terrible at flirting, he can be romantic. Awkward, yes, but romantic. The sappy cliche stuff.
He doesn't mind killing other animals for food, but he always thanks them for their lives and quickly kills them to minimize the animal's pain. He loves to cook and spends a lot of his time in the kitchen or tending to the plants or animals.
His tail has a "mind of its own" and is bitter and tends to bite Rodney when it's annoyed at him.

I'll try to put up a ref sheet of Roderick soon~
Down the stairs
Take a right
That's where you'll see it.
A small wooden door.
No locks. Just a door.

Entering the room, the door creaks,
Having never been opened,
Except for one other time, when the contents of the room were placed inside.
There are tables and chairs here,
But you cannot sit
For upon this furniture rest many, many candles.
They take up every surface except for a narrow path on the floor.

The room is dim.
Candles only give off so much light.
That's why there are so many.
Every year, a candle extinguishes on its own.
The wax simply burns out.

Of all the owners of Candle Rooms;
There are a few, however,
Who go into their Candle Rooms in the pit of night
And try to blow them all out.

But these candles can not be lit a second time.
The Candle Room
Hopefully some of you can decipher the meaning behind this one, another spoken word poem I'm happy with.

This poem is, like my last one, dedicated to my friend Noah.


Velvet-Clawss's Profile Picture
Abby (16)
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
(dA ID pic by @vop.sea on instagram <3)

I've been on here for three years now and have joined a few roelplay groups. I love Mission-Domination. I'm not too active on here because I mainly post on my instagram account :3 velvet_claws

Minecraft Trio are the baes <3 (Cedar, Joe, and I)
i drastically lowered my commission prices because most of my work on here is old and worse quality than what i normally post on instagram. So if you guys want to see my actual work before commissioning me, here you go!

I never post on here anymore because instagram works with the push of a button, however, I really should become more active on here because of roleplay groups, old friends, and for the sake of putting some actually decent art in my gallery for you guys to see ^-^"

so check commission prices below, and PLEASE, check out my art account on instagram before deciding. (if any of you were interested.) because anything you see on here is quite old art.


Digital Ref sheet
full ref sheet with as many details as you'd like (to an extent) I'll add:
Full body ref, two full bodies of either side if design isn't symmetrical.
nose and mouth closeup (see my traditional examples)
blood colour
eye closeup
any accessories?
Digital Fullbody
coloured with simple shading.

if you want me to add a background (which im still bad at,) then its extra 5 points
Digital Headshot
coloured with simple shading

30 points
Coloured Traditional Reference Sheet
Commission Prices by Velvet-Clawss
(Will add examples later.)
Coloured with copic markers.

yeah ok full ref sheet traditional is 80 points
Coloured Traditional Full Body
Commission Prices by Velvet-Clawss
(Will add better examples later)
Coloured with copic markers.

uh gonna knock the prices down... 50 points
Coloured Traditional Headshot
Captain by Velvet-Clawss
X by Velvet-Clawss
Commission Prices by Velvet-Clawss
Coloured with copic markers.

uh 20 points

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