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I've improved a lot since I first joined.




LEg so hot, hot so leg, leg so hot you can fry an egg B)
Mon May 25, 2015, 1:49 PM
Leg so hot, hot so leg, leg so hot you can cry an egg
Mon May 25, 2015, 1:48 PM
Tue Apr 7, 2015, 5:45 AM
Mon Apr 6, 2015, 12:31 PM
Sun Jun 23, 2013, 11:49 AM


Jul 3, 2015
10:11 pm
Jul 1, 2015
7:41 pm
Jul 1, 2015
8:57 am
Jun 30, 2015
9:06 am
Jun 30, 2015
9:03 am


What is a good commission price for my art? (traditional, not digital) 

2 deviants said $8-$10 (no way)
1 deviant said less than $1-$2 :(
1 deviant said $2-$3
1 deviant said $4-$5
1 deviant said $5-$6
No deviants said $1-$2
No deviants said $3-$4
No deviants said even more than that? $-6$7?
No deviants said $7-$8? (you've got to be crazy)
No deviants said more than $10 (WOW)


Animatic Coming Soon by Velvet-Clawss
Animatic Coming Soon
when I hit 100 subs on youtube, I'll post it! I've started working on it already since I have 71 subs right now :)

This is Z.33

pronounced "zee" or in the more scientific way, "Zed point three three" (called that by her human scientist creators).

She is the canine leader of the Canine Experimentation Unit in my series. In this frame, she's sewing up one of her subjects before he awakens from surgery. Z.33 is completely mechanical and has no organic parts about her.

i love her though omg shes my evil little child
Dem Legs by Velvet-Clawss
Dem Legs
previously, on Abby's livestream

hot Finley bathing suit bod

Omen MAP Part 3 by Velvet-Clawss
Omen MAP Part 3… Video contains cartoon gore,,

This was supposed to be a creepy MAP, and it was a 1 week sketch map and you could use any neon colours you wanted! So I got creative and used some blue and red for the blood

it kinda explains in the video description what happens... ^-^;
Goner MAP Part 13 by Velvet-Clawss
Goner MAP Part 13
it was a 1 week sketch, yellow lineart and white for highlights.…

this is my sweet child, my favourite son! Finley!

You guys will learn more about finley in the future, but he/they (has no gender) was born from a giant flower in the Garden. He lives in a dimension as the only animal. Aside from all the plants, he's the only living being that lives in his realm. He protects a giant hourglass....

btw finley has no gender because he literally has no genitals-
like he'd be a guy but mostly androgynous bc he doesnt really know what a gender or sex is. He only knows what he's been exposed to in the garden.


Velvet-Clawss's Profile Picture
Abby (16)
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
(dA ID pic by @vop.sea on instagram <3)

I've been on here for three years now and have joined a few roelplay groups. I love Mission-Domination. I'm not too active on here because I mainly post on my instagram account :3 velvet_claws

Minecraft Trio are the baes <3 (Cedar, Joe, and I)
i drastically lowered my commission prices because most of my work on here is old and worse quality than what i normally post on instagram. So if you guys want to see my actual work before commissioning me, here you go!

I never post on here anymore because instagram works with the push of a button, however, I really should become more active on here because of roleplay groups, old friends, and for the sake of putting some actually decent art in my gallery for you guys to see ^-^"

so check commission prices below, and PLEASE, check out my art account on instagram before deciding. (if any of you were interested.) because anything you see on here is quite old art.


Digital Ref sheet
full ref sheet with as many details as you'd like (to an extent) I'll add:
Full body ref, two full bodies of either side if design isn't symmetrical.
nose and mouth closeup (see my traditional examples)
blood colour
eye closeup
any accessories?
Digital Fullbody
coloured with simple shading.

if you want me to add a background (which im still bad at,) then its extra 5 points
Digital Headshot
coloured with simple shading

30 points
Coloured Traditional Reference Sheet
Commission Prices by Velvet-Clawss
(Will add examples later.)
Coloured with copic markers.

yeah ok full ref sheet traditional is 80 points
Coloured Traditional Full Body
Commission Prices by Velvet-Clawss
(Will add better examples later)
Coloured with copic markers.

uh gonna knock the prices down... 50 points
Coloured Traditional Headshot
Captain by Velvet-Clawss
X by Velvet-Clawss
Commission Prices by Velvet-Clawss
Coloured with copic markers.

uh 20 points



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Lethargicasino Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
:iconletmehugyouplz: Thank you for the watch
Velvet-Clawss Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the offer! I can truly say I've never been invited to a group before. I used to roleplay with a few other groups, but I was never involved with one in such a way as Mission-Domination. (you may or may not have heard of it). I truly loved the experience and was thrilled to see this message because it kind of pushed me to get back into roleplaying groups. I'm definitely taking you up on this offer and already have a rough-draft character design set up, and I've taken an interest in Blizzardclan. I'm excited to become involved with this group. I just have a feeling that I'll have a great time in here. This group is well-thought out and unique! :) There's no telling when exactly I'll be finished with my application and ready to send to you, but I'll try to get one as soon as possible. Thank you!
TwistedSirens Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2015  Student Digital Artist
I would like to give you an open invitation to join Breaking-Drifts and begin a long journey with us. The group is still undergoing some changes, but if you wouldn't mind being patient with us, I think that we could all get along just fine. Try-outs are open for high-ranks, if you wish to try for one, there is a journal posted with the open rankings. The only three high rankings already taken are, Iceclan leader, Iceclan deputy, and Hailclan leader. 
All clans are open to members. You have a choice of four clans, Snow, Blizzard, Ice, and Hail. I can only ask that if you are truly interested in joining that you read the 'How to Join' journal, and Rules journal; To avoid any conflicts with applications. 
Again thank you for reading, and I hope that you consider joining us soon. Of course, it's always alright if you don't join as well. c: Have a wonderful day! 

~Lightningfreak97 (Lightning)
MudDogs Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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